Thursday, September 12, 2013

Relive Metallica's Gig In Kuala Lumpur; Watch Behind The Scenes of Through The Never

If you missed the show or just can't wait to relive it, then here's some good news. Metallica's Aug 21 show in Kuala Lumpur is available for download at

The entire show is available for download (for a fee) in either MP3, FLAK or Apple Lossless format (the preferable format if you use iTunes).

On other Metallica-related news, check out a behind-the-scenes video of the band's upcoming 3D film, Through the Never.

As far as I know, the film is about a Metallica show with a spectacular stage set while a plot involving a roadie battling some post-apocalyptic villains run simultaneously. At least that's what I think is.

Ultimately, its a movie made for 3D and has a great Metallica concert. What more could you want?

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